About Clevr


Clevr provides custom software development, specialising in scientific and technical tools as well as consulting.

Clevr was established in 2015  to service the needs of scientific and technical businesses requiring custom, innovative software.

Clevr was founded by David Brand. David is a qualified analytical chemist and has worked for 7 years in the oil analysis (tribology) industry, firstly as a lab chemist, then as a software developer. 

The niche needs of laboratories have lead David to create increasingly innovative software, ranging from simple calculation tools to instrument interfacing, laboratory status screens, customer web portals and complete LIMS systems. 

Clevr now has created smart scientific and technical solutions for large and small companies across Australia and around the world.

Employing developers and consultants who have scientific and technical credentials, Clevr is uniquely placed to understand the needs of scientific and technical businesses and apply effective, innovative solutions.