Why us?


We build custom software

A custom solution is designed around your business, so your business doesn't have to be designed around its software

Often businesses will seek to solve their software needs by purchasing one (or several) off-the-shelf packages.

In many cases this is the best solution - there are several existing packages out their which match business needs and are affordable.

However, there are cases where this causes ongoing problems:

  • The package doesn't fully cover business requirements

  • The package doesn't integrate well with existing business systems

  • The package is overkill or overly complicated and employees despise using it

There are two ways businesses go to resolve these issues:

  • Pay the software vendor or hire a third-party programmer to modify the package or provide modules to solve the issues

  • Find work-arounds such as further software packages, Microsoft Excel manipulation or manual data entry.

Both these solutions come with heavy costs or ongoing problems with efficiency and quality.

Custom software is built from the beginning around your business. Every business is different and every business has unique processes. 

Clevr can produce bespoke software to your requirements, drawing on experience working with large and small scientific and technical businesses across Australia and around the world.



Clevr use Microsoft .NET frameworks and Microsoft SQL databases, which are the standard for software development. This ensures high quality, compatible solutions which are maintainable and well supported.

Using Microsoft technology provides the following advantages to our clients:

Faster Performance
.NET is faster than any other framework and Microsoft SQL server is designed to harness server resources.

Better Compatibility
.NET runs natively on Windows, iOS and Android. Most laboratories use Windows servers and workstations, providing better compatibility than other frameworks. Microsoft technologies integrate very well together.

Shorter Development
.NET Frameworks are designed and supported by Microsoft, with an excellent array of tools and assistance available for .NET developers. This ensures your project is completed earlier than if another framework was chosen.

Better Maintainability
There are millions of .NET developers around the world. Your solution will be readily maintainable either by Clevr or by another developer.


Clevr’s developers are qualified scientists with years of both laboratory operations and software development experience. Subsequently, This ensures the developer has a great understanding of scientific and technical operations and needs.

A developer with relevant industry experience provides:

  • Better Communication - The developer understands scientific concepts, methods and standards. The developer understands the needs of a modern scientific or technical business.. This eliminates the need for lengthy, time-consuming meetings and explanations. You will appreciate working with Clevr.

  • Faster Development - Without the need for the developer to spend time building knowledge and seeking explanations, the "defining the problem" stage is minimised. Coding and proof-of-concept development can commence much earlier.

  • A Superior Product - As the developer has knowledge and experience of scientific and technical business needs, the custom software is built with this usage in mind. User interfaces are designed for laboratory analysts, technicians and managers. ISO9001 and NATA (ISO17025) requirements are understood and considered by the developer. Clevr has a strong track record of laboratory software development and this experience provides a more functional, reliable, user-friendly product.