Aerial Photography

Photos and videos from above give a whole new perspective on the world.

Impress with affordable, beautiful imagery and footage from the birds-eye view.


Real Estate

Aerial shots of properties give potential buyers an otherwise unseen perspective. Shots from above generally portray a more holistic and compelling image than those taken from ground level. A short aerial video on your ad can really make your property stand out and help sell it before the potential buyer even visits the address.

Weddings & EVENTS

   Add to the memories of your big day with aerial photos. Having a wedding on a beautiful property? Capture the whole venue and the congregation. We work in an unintrusive way - you won't even know the camera is up there.


A drone can cover a large area in a short time. High quality imagery can reveal information about paddock condition, feed levels, dam levels, stock locations and much more.



We can take stunning images of property, events or regional landmarks for use in promotional materials. Impress with beautiful photos and videos on your website and in your reception area 



For more information, contact our drone operator.

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