Clevr specialise in LIMS and laboratory software for used oil analysis. See our oil analysis services here.




In order to supply an effective, well-suited software solution, Clevr will seek to understand your business processes, current software and future direction.

Clevr offers to:

  • Visit your business on-site
  • Engage with management, employees and stakeholders
  • Observe and analyse processes
  • Provide recommendations and advice in a report

Clevr can also provide consulting for Quality Systems and Work Health & Safety.

If an off-the-shelf solution exists and perfectly suits your needs, we will let you know.


LIMS Development


While there are excellent LIMS available off the shelf for many analytical laboratories, others require a more bespoke solution or extensions to fully cover their needs. Clevr can design and implement a full LIMS, including instrument interfaces and customer web portals.

Clevr has particular experience in designing, developing and implementing LIMS for oil analysis laboratories.


Instrument Interfacing


Often laboratories purchase new instruments which do not have existing ways of linking sample results to their LIMS. Clevr can tailor our CrossLinkr software to not only link results, but perform any required calculations, corrections and validations before the results are transferred. This can either be fully automated or a user interface can be provided to allow checks and manual validation.

We can effectively make a laboratory paperless, ensuring better accuracy and more efficient data retrieval.



Laboratory Status Dashboards


What if every laboratory manager, supervisor and technician could view a live summary of laboratory progress by looking at an LCD display on the wall?

Clevr can implement elegant dashboards which summarise daily progress, highlight overdue or urgent samples and communicate messages to the lab. Laboratories utilising these dashboards have indicated the screens are relied upon for improved efficiency and communication among their laboratory staff.



Data Analysis


Laboratories collect a huge amount of data and metadata over time. This data can contain many trends and patterns which are useful to the laboratory for diagnosing changes to the environment or to client assets. By analysing and visualising this data, laboratories (and their clients) can get much more value out of their analysis.

Clevr can analyse your data to provide statistics and trends in elegant visual formats.

Alternatively, Clevr can develop software tools for you to analyse live, up-to-date data with a matter of clicks.


Data Migration


One of the major barriers to moving to a new LIMS system is the retention and integrity of existing data. Often a new system comes with a new database structure or even a different database technology.

Clevr can quickly and reliably transfer existing client and sample data to a new LIMS across different structures and technologies, while improving data integrity in the process.

Clevr can also assist with tools for importing data from other laboratories or systems where clients require their historical data.


Quality Management


Clients of analytical laboratories demand two things:

  1. Fast turn-around-times
  2. Reliable and accurate results

In order to achieve both of these, a lab must have an effective quality management system.

Clevr can develop quality management tools to ensure compliance to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and NATA (ISO 17025) requirements. 

These tools include scheduling calibrations, document reviews, method audits, training management, employee qualifications and proficiency tracking, equipment registers and document control.


Work Health & Safety Management


The WHS Act 2011 introduced more stringent requirements for work health and safety and harsher penalties for breaches.

Laboratories have specific needs relating to WHS, such as extensive chemical registers, specific labelling requirements and well maintained material safety data sheet records.

Clevr has experience in creating custom WHS management software for laboratories, complying to AS 4801. 

Moving to an effective software-based WHS management system gives employees faster and easier access to safety information, allows tracking of hazards, incidents and near-misses and ensures complying to legislation is a far simpler task.